Security Packaging: What does it protect?

Security packaging has become one of the safest and most effective forms of protecting goods and supplies in transit. The options are vast and incorporate a wide range of products,including security bags and pouches, security envelopes, as well as security labels and tape.

Security envelopes are available for various applications that include cash deposits and cash-in-transit, confidential and sensitive documents, police and forensic evidence and as a duty-free shopping bag. Larger Security Bag options are ideal for transporting or storing large volumes of documents, or other bulkier items in a tamper evident manner.

Once the contents are put into the bag, it is sealed using a tamper evident security seal. If the seal is broken when the bag reaches its destination, the recipient can see that the security has been compromised and begin an audit throughout the supply chain.

Unlike common packing tape, tamper-evident security labels or tape cannot be removed or reapplied without leaving evidence, such as a ‘void’ or ‘opened’ message. However, not every tape with a void message is necessarily tamper-proof. A truly tamper-evident tape will always show evidence that the package has been tampered with.

Smithers report

The growth of security packaging has been described as “strong and potentially lucrative” by International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA), in the face of a report that predicts increasing incidences of global counterfeiting alongside heightened awareness of tracing technologies.

The demand for anti-theft, product authentication, tamper-evidence and track and trace components will continue to grow even global markets for packaging. In 2020, the pandemic and the rise of e-commerce trading spearheaded a rise in counterfeit goods. For example, cosmetics and personal care saw reports of a 56% increase in counterfeit products sold online. 

The packaging industry will continue to benefit from the use of anti-counterfeiting solutions identified in the report, particularly as fears over shortages of medicines, pharmaceuticals, and vaccines in many parts of the world drive demand for counterfeit and illicit products.

More seriously, fears over shortages of medicines, pharmaceuticals – and now vaccines – in many regions have led to greater availability of counterfeit goods, against which consumers need protection. This is increasing the use of anti-counterfeiting solutions; including more interest in mandated track-and-trace schemes that have been commissioned and implemented by governments.

Welcoming the report’s findings, IHMA chair Dr. Paul Dunn said people must accept that counterfeiting will remain a “clear and present danger” for the international packaging community for years to come. 

The use of well-designed and properly deployed security solutions, as advocated by the ISO 12931 standard, allows for complete verification of a products authenticity of a, differentiating it. Even those that carry a ‘fake’ authentication feature can be distinguished from the genuine item if that item is secured for authentication.

So, why should I use tamper-evident packaging?

Tamper-evident security packaging is used in a wide range of industries by an even broader range of businesses. Not only does it provide security, but it also offers protection, and demonstrates a high level of security diligence to consumer to instil trust and provide reassurance.

Many products now have a complex, and long distribution channel and items are handled frequently during transit. This makes it imperative that tamper-resistant packaging is protecting your product, ensuring that it reaches the consumer in the intended form.

Blood bags for transit

As previously mentioned, having tamper-evident packaging on your product enables the business or consumer that receives your product to know whether or not the item has experienced any interference on-route. This can help to reduce the threat or potential for unknowing counterfeit replacement throughout any supply chain.

For medical and pharmaceuticals, tamper-evident packaging can prevent life-threatening actions. Its use is of paramount importance in the pharmaceutical industry as medicines and prescriptions intended for patients should remain consistent and as indicated on the packaging. Medical transportation bags can contain extremely sensitive things like blood samples, vaccines and human tissue. If the contents have been tampered with, it could ultimately affect someone’s health and therefore its movement must be monitored carefully until it reaches its final destination. We have a range of clinical transportation bags that provide specific security features to protect the contents, such as antimicrobial material, insulation for heat or cooling and individual seals for securing the zip opening.



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