Neptuneseal Bolt Seal

The Neptuneseal is a bolt seal, compliant with high security international standard ISO 17712:2013 and specifically with the requirement of having the internal metal part exceeding 18 mm. The patent pending innovative mechanical design is characterised by two metal tabs attached to the bolt, which securely slot into the locking channel, thus preventing any breaching by high speed spinning of the female part of the seal. Any tampering attempt will give evidence of irreparable damage onto the bolt seal.

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Product description


Neptuneseal is a high-security bolt seal using the very latest ISO17712 high-security design. Ideally suited to securing import/export goods worldwide. For additional security, the bolt pin and locking head have matching numbers.


Innovative design characterised by two metal tabs attached to the Bolt which slot into the ‘female’ part of the seal. Compliant with ISO 17712:2010 HSS (High Security Seal) and ISO/PAS 17025 Lab Approved.

Seal Procedure

No tool required, simply push the bolt into locking head. Record seal number and contents for later verification. Use a bolt cutter to remove.

Custom Print

Bolt seals can be laser printed with company name and logos, barcodes and sequential numbering.


These bolt seals are available in a range of colours including light blue, red, yellow, green, white. Please contact us for bespoke colour requirements.

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Metal Material

Carbonitrided Steel


74mm x 20mm

Breaking Strength





Transport, Logistics, Aerospace.