MD Security Seal

Made from vulcanised rubber, this seal has two lines of interlocking security cuts positioned either side of the aperture and supplied with two strips of high bond adhesive. This seal is perfect for applications like manhole covers, drain covers, external tool and utility boxes and any rough surface. It’s flexibility makes it suitable for uneven or unstable surfaces with excellent resistance to adverse environment conditions.

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£95.00 exc. VAT

£95.00Exc. VAT

Product description


MD Seals will break at security cuts if removal is attempted. Rubber material absorbs natural movement. Vulcanized rubber back with adhesive black mastic.


This seal is suitable for rough/road tarmac surface and is both quick and easy to apply. Made with twin security tamper evident cuts and twin strips of high bond black mastic adhesive. This seal can be used in conjunction with spray adhesive. Seals come sequentially numbered in yellow only


MD-M seal is supplied with two strips of heavy duty mastic adhesive. Remove the silicone backing liners, then position the seal with the mastic strips either side of the aperture, press down firmly using a small roller or similar item.

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Vulcanized Rubber with Self Adhesive


70mm sq


Manhole and Drain Covers
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