The Forkseal provides complete wrap-around protection of container locking bars of any size. The supplied seal plates and bolt seal can be fitted at an appropriate section of the fork. The seal provides a high-level of physical strength – the strong steel can only be cut at the designated cutting point. The seal resists manipulation and substitution with numbering replicated on the pin and fork bar.

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Product description


The Forkseal safety locking system protects container doors, railway cars, truck trailers, international freight and more. This seal is approved by both UK and US customs as is fully compliant with ISO 17712:2013 HSS (high security seal) WITH ISO/IEC 17025:2005.


Forkseals provide an unparalled combination of strength and security. Embedded numbering on the fork and pin of the bolt seal prevents replication.

Custom Print

Sequential numbering up to 6 digits. Alphanumeric numbering also possible of up to 20 characters. If you require company name/logos engraved onto the seals, minimum order quantities will apply for custom print availability.


Forkseal comes standard in mill steel finish, however Forkseals can also be supplied in painted steel (red, green, orange, yellow).

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Galvanised Steel


505 x 411 x 35mm

Breaking Strength



25 seals per box