Slickseal 360mm TO

Slickseal – 360mm

The SlickSeal is a high security pull-tight seal incorporating a stainless steel jaw for a smooth pulling action while providing a high average breaking strength of 25 to 30kg. This seal has a staggered pattern of spikes which provides grip when sealing fabric bags to reduce the possibility of the seal slipping off during transport. A handy textured tab facilitates usage of the tear-off feature, allowing quick and hassle-free removal of the seal without cutting implements. Slickseal is ideal for use on Postal Bags, Cash Bags, Fuel Oil Tankers.

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Product description


Slickseal is a versatile pull tight seal with a smooth strap for ease of handling. It has an Stainless Steel locking mechanism which enhances security against tampering by heat. An efficient and economical solution, Slickseal is very easy to use and requires no tool for application or removal.


This seal has a tear-off feature with extra large textured tab and the neck spikes on the strap allow for grip on fabric bags.

Seal Procedure

Insert strap into locking chamber and draw up tight. Record seal number and contents for later verification.

Custom Print

This seal can be customised with company name and logo, sequential numbering and barcoding.


Slickseals are available in blue, green and yellow.

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Strap Size

360mm x 6.5mm

Strap Material


Jaw Material

Stainless Steel

Tag Size

45mm x 30mm

Breaking Strength





Aerospace, Transport, Logistics, Food & Beverage.
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