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Security Bags: Protect sensitive documents, high-value goods and cash

Security bags and packaging have been a tried and tested secure transport solution for several years now, but do know how and what they are used for? We look at the details and benefits that security packaging could bring to secure your business supply chain.

Security bags are designed for securing goods-in-transit that are classed as high-valuable or sensitive. They can also be used to protect sensitive documents and records or for the sanitary storage and transportation of medical records, medicines and equipment. Our range of security bags are durable, reusable and provide tamper evidence features, with an internally accessed window for quick identification. The PVC material construction makes them long-lasting and easy to clean.

What is Tamper Evident Packaging?

People often get confused between tamper evident packaging and tamper-proof packaging. While both, undoubtedly, strengthen product safety, they have many differences in their application. Tamper evident packaging does not completely prevent tampering. Instead, tamper-evident security bags will provide a visual indicator if a product has been opened at any point during transit. However, the safety and integrity of the internal products might required variable features on the chosen packaging solution.

Tamper evident packaging enhances and ensures the protection of unopened products and without it, the manufacturers might need to recall the shipment if they deem the safety of their supply chain has been compromised.

Security Bags

Benefits and Applications

As your products travel, they are destined to be handled by multiple people at different facilities before they reach their final destination. With so many people having access to your products, the risk of damage, theft or tampering is incredibly high. You hope that the companies you work with employ trustworthy employees, but the network must have a firm security procedure to prevent any anomalies. There are also accidental situations that may occur, such as a pallet failure, that can leave products at risk.

Security bags and packaging have undergone a number of upgrades to ensure the deployment of tamper evident features are high quality on each type of bag. The unique locking zip allows for a numbered seal to be inserted which acts as a visual marker to determine if the contents have been compromised before arrival at the approved destination.

Originally, security bags were designed to secure the transportation of money and cash. However, their effectiveness has attracted many other sectors requiring the safe transport of sensitive objects or documents such as jewelers, government bodies, banking institutions, industrial workshops, high fashion workshops and more. Still widely used for the transport of important mail, security bags and pouches are versatile in their holding capacity and provide classic mail features such as address windows.

Hospitals also have their own protocols and uses for security bags. Bags that have not been sealed could indicate that the medicine or equipment contained within requires restocking, inspection or cleaning. Some of these bags are designed to transport vital organs or blood bags between departments whilst employing features like antimicrobial and insulated material. Certain bag colours and styles can be used to represent specific kits for faster identification. There are many different types of security bag and they can be customised to suit your specific needs.

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