As the world continues to adapt to life during and after the pandemic, it’s expected that food and hospitality sectors will be forced to adhere to stringent safety requirements moving forward.

Security seals have predominantly been used as a means to protect valuable cargo and provide an audit trail to trace breaks in the supply chain. However, we have begun to see a shift for many industries in the utilization of non-traditional products that now require protection during transit. For example, pizza and takeout food delivery has begun to see a continual increase in tamper-evident labels being applied to box or containers to ensure consumer confidence in the delivery process.

The hospitality industry has also moved to address consumer concerns regarding cleanliness of shared space and sanitisation. As hospitality companies deploy enhanced processes to address personal safety concerns, tamper-evident labels have played pivotal role to provide clear indication of cleaning after prior use.

Tamper Evident Labels

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been noticeable shifts in a wide array of industries and sectors to design and implement a security seal system within COVID-19 Sanitised Labeltheir product or service. The new normal of living with COVID has given rise to an increase in the demand, usage and even regulation of tamper-evident labels and seals.

Compared with standard semi-gloss paper and film-based labels with security cuts, tamper-evident labels allow companies to offer more advanced solutions to guarantee product integrity. This is because these labels leave a clear visual indication that something has been opened or tampered with. This built-in security feature also enable verification of product authenticity in each step of the supply chain. At a time when consumers have a heightened concern about product safety and sanitation, this is especially important.

What does this mean for you? Consumers seek firm reassurances on the safety of consumables, thus resulting in an increased demand for security labelling solutions from businesses and corporations. This includes the need for paper and perforated film labels with strong adhesives and security cuts, as well as high-end tamper-evident labels.


Secure Solutions

Jar and Bag Seals: These basic pressure sensitive labels wrap around the top of your product to show that they have not been opened and will break upon release. The labels can be printed with custom branding, wording and images to provide visual indicators and information on the safety of contents by application.

Perforated Security Label

Perforated safety tabs: These tab labels function as a seal by adding material, usually film, that overlaps with the lid or opening of a product. It’s attached using a perforation that rips from the main label when the product is opened. Cosmetic companies often use these smaller labels for lip sticks, gloss, and balms.

Standard ‘Void’ Labels: These labels are fully customisable and help identify a compromised item by leaving a message on both

the label and the area of the product that it has been applied to. When the label is removed from the substrate, it leaves an imprinted “VOID” pattern as a visual indicator of tampering.

Bottle Security Label

Bottle Seals: Great for bottled products and are a common seal used in the pharmaceutical, food & beverage, and health & beauty industries. In addition to providing good security, these seals can also provide the benefit of covering the fill line, increasing design space, and keep the cap and neck ring clean and dust free.

The growing number of different solutions for tamper-evident sealing have been adapted and diversified for a wide range of applications. It is clear that they still playing a vital role today in helping consumers feel less anxious and more confident about their purchases. We can help you to design your own tamper-evident solutions to your exact specification by contacting us or you can view our standard stock range of security labels.


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