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Introducing the Snap-N-Secure Pallet Seal

The Snap-N-Secure is the first pallet seal which can be applied without the use of any tool. Simple hand pressure is all that is required to lock the seal in place. This new security pallet seal is also able to secure trucks and container doors.

Snap-n-Secure Pallet Seals

JW Products is proud to introduce our latest security seal for securing pallets and crates. The patented Snap-N-Secure can be applied to steel or poly banding up to 7/8th” in width with clip sizes up to 1-1/4” long.

Any tampering attempt will cause the high strength poly carbonate to crack at predetermined indication points. Aggressive tampering will cause the housing to shatter and reveal tampering as it is impossible to reassemble or hide tampering of the uniquely printed security seal. Can also be used in combination with Tamper Evident Pallet Tape or Pallet Covers to further deter pilferage. The patented Snap-N-Secure pallet seal is the only pallet seal on the market which addresses the most vulnerable point of pallet straps – the metal crimps. Application could not be easier; this pallet seal simply clips around the banding with hand application.

Specifications & Features:

  • High Strength Polycarbonate material
  • Each individual security seal marked with serial number
  • Custom printing available, Barcoding optional
  • Compatible with Steel or Poly banding up to 7/8” wide
  • Clips up to 7/8”(22mm) wide x 1-1/4”(31mm) long (crimped)
  • Tool-less application
  • Stock item or Custom printed – Stock is marked SECURED and uniquely serial numbered
  • Packed: 50/box 250/case
  • Box: 21”x3-1/4”x7-1/2” (53cmX8.25cmX19cm) Weight: 3 lbs (1.36kg) per box
  • Case: 22”x16”x8” (56cmX41cmX20cm) Weight: 15 lbs (6.8kg)per case

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