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Drain Seals: Inspection Cover Security

Manhole and Drain Security Seals are designed for exterior inspection cover. on manholes, drains, water and utility networks. Manufactured from heavy duty materials ensures this seal does not wear or fracture when in use.

In the modern world of  infrastructure security, a low-cost solution to tampering and unauthorised access are tamper-evident security seals. Drain seals, also known as manhole seals or inspection cover seals are robust security products that are designed to prevent unauthorized access to drainage systems. These seals are designed to provide a robust barrier that deters tampering and ensures that only authorised personnel can access these critical infrastructure access points.

These seals are used by police forces across the country and the implementation of these security systems provide many benefits, which include:

  1. Preventing Unauthorised Access: One of the primary functions of drains seals is to deter unauthorised access to underground infrastructure. By effectively securing manholes and drain openings, these seals provide a tamper-evident indicator of trespassing, vandalism, theft, and other illicit activities that could compromise the integrity and safety of the infrastructure.
  2. Enhancing Public Safety: Unsecured manholes and drain openings pose significant safety hazards to pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists. Accidental falls, trips, and vehicle collisions can result in severe injuries or fatalities. Security seals mitigate these risks by covering and securing access points, reducing the likelihood of accidents and enhancing public safety.
  3. Protecting Against Terrorism and Sabotage: In an era of heightened security concerns, underground infrastructure is vulnerable to potential terrorist attacks and acts of sabotage. Manhole and drain security seals act as barriers, making it more difficult for malicious actors to access critical infrastructure and carry out nefarious activities.
  4. Preventing Pollution and Contamination: Unsecured manholes can also serve as entry points for pollutants, debris, and hazardous materials, leading to contamination of waterways and ecosystems. Security seals help prevent dumping and mitigate the risk of environmental pollution, safeguarding public health and ecological integrity.
  5. Avoid Infrastructure Damage: Securing manholes and drain openings protects against accidental damage caused by vehicles, heavy machinery, and construction activities. By covering and sealing access points, security seals help preserve the structural integrity and reduce the need for costly repairs and maintenance.
Drain Seals

Key Features & Specification

  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Made from vulcanised rubber
  • Flexibility makes it suitable for uneven or unstable surfaces
  • Excellent resistance to adverse environmental conditions
  • Suitable for rough/road tarmac surfaces
  • Can be used in conjunction with adhesive spray
  • Not suitable in applications where it is likely to come into contact with hydrocarbons (oils)

Typical applications include manhole covers, rough surfaces, drain covers, external tool/utility boxes.

Material – Vulcanised rubber
Size – 70mm x 70mm
– Black only (other colours available at request)

Tamper-Evident Design

Manhole Drain Security Seals incorporate a tamper-evident design, which means that any attempt to tamper with the seal will be immediately visible upon removal. This feature is essential for security personnel as it allows them to identify and respond to tampering by alerting the relevant authority of a breach to investigate.

Crafted from strong rubber material, this seal boasts exceptional durability, guaranteeing resistance to wear and fracture during usage. Featuring two lines of interlocking security cuts flanking the aperture, it comes complete with two high-bond adhesive mastic strips. Furthermore, its flexibility renders it suitable for even the most uneven or unstable surfaces, while its remarkable resilience ensures outstanding performance in adverse environmental conditions.

Industries and Application

Drain Security Seals are versatile and can be used in a diverse number of applications, from utilities to industrial facilities. These seals can be used to secure telecommunications infrastructure, water supply systems, or electrical networks and more.

  1. Municipalities and Public Utilities: Municipal authorities and public utility companies are responsible for managing vast networks of underground infrastructure. Implementing manhole and drain security seals is essential for ensuring the integrity, safety, and reliability of these systems, as well as complying with regulatory standards and protecting public assets.
  2. Commercial and Industrial Facilities: Businesses operating in industries such as telecommunications, energy, and transportation rely on underground infrastructure to support their operations. Securing access points with security seals is crucial for protecting critical assets, ensuring operational continuity, and mitigating security risks.
  3. Residential Communities: Residential properties with underground utilities, such as sewer lines and storm drains, can also benefit from the installation of security seals. Protecting access points enhances property security, reduces the risk of accidents, and preserves the integrity of underground infrastructure, ultimately enhancing the quality of life for residents.

Manhole and drain security seals play a vital role in enhancing access security and safeguarding critical underground infrastructure. By preventing unauthorized entry, enhancing public safety, protecting against terrorism and sabotage, preventing pollution and contamination, and minimizing infrastructure damage, these seals offer a multitude of benefits across various industries and sectors. As cities continue to grow and evolve, investing in robust security measures for manholes and drainage systems is essential to ensure the resilience, reliability, and sustainability of urban infrastructure for generations to come.


Inspection Cover Seals

This Manhole and Drain Security Seal is designed for exterior use on manholes, drains or inspection covers. Manufactured from heavy duty materials ensures this seal does not wear or fracture when in use. This seal has two lines of interlocking security cuts positioned on either side of the aperture and supplied with two strips of high bond adhesive mastic. Additionally, the flexibility makes it suitable for uneven or unstable surfaces with excellent resistance to adverse environmental conditions.

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