Preparing for Brexit

In an ever-looming Brexit world, new custom policies and regulations still remain a mystery to many within the transport industry. However, one thing for certain is that regulation and administrative requirements will increase, as goods like medicine and food will need to be stringently secured and accounted for throughout the entire journey. The UK Government released a comprehensive update on its Border Operating Model that will be effective from 1st January 2021. This was supplemented in the same week by additional guidance on specific types of goods movements, in particular products subject to excise duty.

All businesses moving goods between the EU and Great Britain (and the EU to Northern Ireland via Great Britain) from that effective date will need to engage with the relevant sections of the Border Operating Model guidance to understand the impact to their flows and Brexit preparations. The Government policy on transporting goods between the UK and the EU in the wake of Brexit stipulates that an effective security system must be in place for hauliers who are transporting goods “For drivers, an effective system includes:

  • Security devices (a padlock, seal and tilt cord) to secure vehicles after loading
  • Checking the security devices and vehicle thoroughly after each stop and before entering the UK
  • Recording checks on a vehicle security checklist”

The guidance is further elaborated on in the government guidance notes pertaining to avoiding penalties and preventing clandestine entry for vehicles crossing the border. The policy states that drivers must “Apply a good quality tilt cord, secured with a robust padlock and a unique seal. Note the seal number on the checklist.” JW Products have a range of industry specific seals that are designed to secure a wide range of cargo and transport requirements. Our high security seals conform to the international standard of ISO 17712:2013 which are certified to be used in both domestic and cross-border transportation. We also offer indicative security seals, which act as an additional deterrent to crime and early indicator of theft.

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About JW Products

JW Products have been servicing the security seal requirements of the transport, haulage and aviation industry worldwide, for over 20 years. We have built a reputation for reliability, expertise and excellence since our conception in 2000 and we are ready to help your business thrive in a post Brexit world. You can rely on our dedicated team to identify your business’s security seal requirements and offer approved solutions to meet them. We offer high security tamper proof security seals, conforming to ISO 17712:2013 and effective tamper evident seals, to help your business meet regulatory standards and protect your assets. As a trusted supplier to Government Agencies, NHS and UK Police Forces, your business can engage with JW Products with confidence.