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DEBASAFE security bags for transporting cash and valuables offer maximum protection, and come complete with numerous security features. Tamper-evident taped strips in three security grades, tear-proof bags and security overprints enable you to send valuable items securely. We are also happy to adapt these security bags to order, to meet your specific needs and requirements.

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DEBASAFE safebags are used anytime when protection against tampering has the highest priority. Our safebags are used all over the world by companies transporting money and valuables, as well as by banks, chain stores and airlines. The comprehensive standard DEBASAFE range includes security bags in many shapes and sizes, designed for all conventional uses where the transport of money and valuables is concerned. We are also happy to make products to order and help you develop a tailor-made solution for your requirements – with infinite possibilities.


These bags are supplied in tear-proof polythene film, transparent or opaque with security overprint along the welded seams. These bags also containtamper-evident taped strip in three security grades, with one or more tear-off receipts (optional). Sturdy double shrink seal coded with code 39 or CashEDI (German Federal Bank procedure). Each bag can be consecutively numbered and can be made to order and printed with your chosen design. Standard sizing is:
Small: 195 x 265 x 30 mm
Medium: 220 x 340 x 30 mm
Large: 295 x 395 x 30 mm

Custom Print

DEBASAFE bags can be supplied with sequential numbering for full traceability purposes.

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195 x 265 x 30 mm
220 x 340 x 30 mm
295 x 395 x 30 mm

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