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Clinical waste bags are for the disposal of hospital and medical waste. These waste bags are primarily used by healthcare and clinical waste collection companies in compliance with European legislation for the collection, transport, and disposal of appropriate wastes from natal care, diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of disease in humans. All of our heavy duty waste sacks come as standard in yellow and flat packed for incineration disposal. Our clinical waste bagsare printed in alignment with all mandatory regulation and requirements for the sealing of hazardous or infectious waste. These bags can be ordered along with your order of printed clinical waste ties during online or telephone checkout.

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Clinical waste bags are available in yellow for incineration or landfill.  Our range of  waste bags are produced using co-extrusion technology and are printed according to all UN requirements.  All clinical waste sacks are star-sealed for extra strength.


Yellow waste bags for incineration and landfill and orange clinical sacks for alternative treatments also available. All bags printed according to UN requirements.


Clinical waste bags are available in both yellow and orange.

Associated Products

Our clinical waste ties are perfect in combination with these waste bags, printed with sequentially numbering, hospital/ward name and other customisable text. You can purchase these in a range of sizes including Waste Ties – 200mm, Waste Ties – 300mm and Waste Ties – 370mm.

European Waste Catalogue (EWC) classification

Orange bags with printing: for treatment at a licensed or permitted facility – EWC no. 18 01 03* UN number UN3291. Waste whose collection and disposal is subject to special requirements in order to prevent infection.

Disposal method: licensed or permitted treatment facility.

Yellow bags with / without printing: for transporting and incinerating category A waste, categorised as hazardous under the EU Transportation of Hazardous Goods regulations and required to be transported in bags or containers that comply with UN packaging requirements.

Disposal method: incineration.

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