Product Background

Our Cleanseal Non-Residue Security Labels have been specifically designed for usage within the Hospitality and Retail sectors in response to the reopening of the sectors in July 2020 provided they are COVID Secure. These seals, developed to combat the workplace effects of Coronavirus, offer a means of assuring your guests and customers that the highest hygiene standards have been met when they visit your establishment or use your facilities. They are ideal for Housekeeping teams to seal off a room or area once it has been cleaned and are suitable for outdoor usage on campsites and caravan parks. They can also be used in short term rental properties when specific areas need to be restricted e.g a cupboard/draw. They will offer guests and customers total peace of mind that no contamination has occurred since a deep cleaning has taken place.

Cleanseal labels are uniquely numbered to prevent fraudulent replacement and allows each label to be logged. This provides complete traceability on determining the exact seal for whatever surface it was placed upon – providing a clear indicator of area contamination.

Product Functionality

These non residue security labels can be applied to a door once a room has been thoroughly cleaned so that when guests arrive they know that the environment has been completely sanitised for them, offering visible peace of mind for both hotel staff and guests. From guests breaking the seal on the door at arrival to the seals being reapplied when they leave for a day trip, all parties will know that the room is safe and undisturbed upon entry.

Businesses can also implement these labels to seal office, conference rooms and toilets, providing a safe and clear indicator to its entire workforce. By sealing rooms which have been cleaned and sanitised for subsequent use, businesses will be able to implement secure barriers to prevent contamination or unauthorised entry.

The seals are supplied in rolls, allowing labels to be peeled directly off the roll and applied to the surface you wish to indicate sanitation for.  If a seal has been removed, they will show a distinct and obvious ‘VOID’ message but leave no unsightly residue on your doors, draws or cupboards. They are supplied unbranded as standard to allow them to fit into all environments.

Cleanseals are available from stock with standard print but they can also be customised with company names and logos at your request (depending on order quantity). Cleanseals will be available in blue and red only as stock, however additional colours are also available on customised versions.

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