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6 Benefits of Tamper Evident Security Tape

More and more companies are using tamper-evident security tape to seal boxes as a visual indicator of unauthorised access. In this blog, we provide 6 reasons why you should be using tamper-evident security tape to secure your cargo crates, pallets, cartons and boxes.

What is Security Tape and what is it used for?

Unlike common packing tape, tamper-evident tape cannot be removed or reapplied without the display of a visual indicator, such as a ‘void’ or ‘opened’ message left on the applied surface. More and more companies are choosing to utilise tamper-evident security tape to seal their shipping boxes and prevent unauthorised opening during transit

Anything that limits deceptive operations will provide an extra layer of protection and reduce fraudulent activity during the supply chain. Tamper-evident tapes are a simple deterrent, offering a clear indicator when a parcel has been tampered with. This is a great option for high value parcels, display packaging, cash bags and computer software. If the tape has been removed or tampered with, a “void open” message appears on the package surface. Once pulled away, the tape can’t be re-used or resealed without being noticed .

Security Tape has been  in the pharmaceutical and retail industry to protect packages containing sensitive cargo or valuable items such as electronics or jewellery. Some businesses prefer a more bespoke message or logo to be left upon removal of the tape instead of the ‘void’ marking. However, not every tape is made equal and should not necessarily be considered tamper-proof. A truly tamper-evident tape will always show evidence that the package has been tampered with with limited possibility for the evidence to be concealed.

6 Key Benefits of Using Security Tape

There are numerous advantages to using tamper-evident packaging in general and tamper-evident security packing tape in particular. Here are some of the key advantages of substituting your regular packaging tape with tamper-evident tape.

1. It prevents criminal activity

Tamper-evident security packing tape provides a very cost-effective way to prevent theft. For instance, within a warehouse environment, it is much cheaper and less time consuming than installing and monitoring security footage 

The application of the tape also acts a powerful visual deterrent as criminals will know that they can’t just open and reseal with regular tape. The box would immediately show a void message which would provide a clear indication that it’s been tampered with.

2. It maintains accountability

Global e-commerce growth and the expansion of transport means that multiple parties throughout the supply chain are handling packages before they reach their final destination. This makes it difficult to determine who opened what and at one point during transit. Tamper-evident security packing tape helps to prevent unauthorised access as products move through the transit journey.

If an efficient check process is implemented alongside tamper-evident application, it is easy to determine specifically whether a package was tampered with in the warehouse or during transit.

3. It protects the brand

Past studies have indicated that counterfeiting is on the rise. Retailers of footwear, clothing, and electronics and equipment are particularly considered high risk goods for counterfeiting 

Counterfeited products are of lower quality, which tarnishes the brand’s reputation. In some cases, they can even pose a significant threat to consumer’s safety and health.  In a world where bad news spreads like wildfire on social media, it only takes one tweet to go viral, to face a public relations nightmare. 

Tamper-evident tape is such a small investment to protect brand image and reduce the risk of counterfeiting, fraud, and theft.

4.  It reduces cost

The cost of inventory shrinkage can be staggering. This accounts for the cost of all goods lost because of theft, damage, administrative errors, or other forms of fraud. 

In some industries, such as retail, shrink represents about 1.62% of profits. According to a 2020 national study from BRC, research indicated that the retail industry is recording £1.0 billion in losses that are attributed to crime and fraud. This is a huge cost to the sector as they attempt prevent their goods falling victim to theft, fraud and negligence.

It’s a simple cost-benefit analysis. The decision will depend on the cost of the tape and the overall shrink percentage. It is more likely that investing in a reasonably priced Tamper-Evident Security Tape would greatly outweigh the cost in lost stock and administrative time.

5. It provides quality assurance to consumers

Contrary to popular belief, tamper-evident packaging may actually be safer than tamper-resistant packaging. This is because tamper-resistant packaging doesn’t necessarily show visible evidence of tampering and if fraudsters can circumnavigate the tamper-resistant measures, there is no way to determine if products have been access or tampered with.

A seal on a pill bottle may be resealed without leaving any trace, whereas a tamper-evident seal or tape would show proof that the product had been tampered with. This lets the consumer know that the product is sealed and safe for consumption, especially for products such as pharmaceuticals, food and supplements.

6. It protects against liability claims

While it’s difficult to protect a business against product liability claims of any kind, tamper-evident tape can significantly reduce the risk of costly lawsuits.

At the very least, it shows that you’re a concerned and caring company that takes packaging security seriously.

This is particularly important if you manufacture or transport food and beverages, pharmaceutical products, dietary supplements or medical devices, because these industries often have to follow standards imposed by law.

JW Products has been a prominent supplier of Tamper-Evident Security Tape and Security Seals for over 20 years now and continue to provide quality security products to a wide range of industries and sectors. Get in touch with us today and see how we can help to improve your supply chain and protect your cargo.

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