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6 Benefits of Tamper Evident Security Tape

More and more companies are using tamper-evident security tape to seal boxes as a visual indicator of unauthorised access. In this blog, we provide 10 reasons why you should be using tamper-evident security tape to secure your cargo crates, pallets, cartons and boxes.
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meter seals applied to electricity meter

What are meter seals and why are they used?

Meter seals are a security solution which is designed to prevent unauthorized access to water, gas and electricity meters. Energy and utility companies apply meter seals to prevent unauthorised extraction or tampering with meters.
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Railcar Seals and Tanker Security

One of the most popular methods of cargo delivery is through railway transportation. However, railcar and oil tankers are usually held in rail yards for inspection and then subject to travel through rural or desolate regions, variable climates, and long periods of unreliable physical security. These are huge factors when considering the security applied to transported goods and therefore steps must be taken to limit third party access to the cargo.
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COVID Door Seals

COVID Security Seals – Cleanseal Labels

Our latest product in securing work environments from COVID-19 is the Cleanseal. This security seal has been specifically designed for the hospitality industry to provide a security indicator that an area, product or room has been sanitised and/or untouched before sealing.
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