NHS/Hospital Products

Clinical Ties


JWP Clinical Waste Ties enable clinical waste bags to be individually identified and located to their source providing complete traceability back to the Hospital and Ward.

  • Seals are printed with the Hospital or Trust name and an individual number, to give each seal a unique identity.
  • Various colours are available for use with different types of waste.
  • universeal_pull_tight_sealsEach pack has a double label showing the number range enclosed and Hospital or Ward identification.
  • Each pack has a peelable label for placing in stores register with date and Ward name when issuing.
  • NEW! The JWP Seal Database is now online and available for recording and tracking issued seals.

The JWP Clinical Waste Audit System has been designed to meet all current UK Government guidelines and Health & Safety legislation.

Security Bags


Medium and large patient’s property bags

Ideal for securing patient’s property. Patient’s property bags have a tear-off receipt showing the date, signature of the person sealing the bag and a witness for retention by the patient.

Small valuables security bags

Perfect for securing small valuables such as watches, jewellery or mobile phones. Small valuables bags have a unique serial numbered receipt to enable the patient to reclaim their property when appropriate.

Sample & specimen transport bags

A secure method of transporting samples without fear of tampering.

Small, medium, large & extra large medication / fridge bags

A range of sealable bags for patients medication that needs to be refrigerated.

Transport Bags



Pathology & pharmacy transport bags

Green zipped bags available in 3 standard sizes.


PYB1 305mm x 170mm x 305mm
PYB2 460mm x 255mm x 300mm
PYB3 650mm x 255mm x 380mm


Blood transit bags


BLD1 295mm x 200mm x 195mm
BLD2 410mm x 250mm x 240mm


Padded transit dividers

Removable padded compartment dividers for blood transit bags.




Insulated pathology bags

Insulated pathology & pharmacy transit bags available in 3 standard sizes.



PYTB1 305mm x 170mm x 305mm
PYTB2 460mm x 255mm x 305mm
PYTB3 650mm x 255mm x 380mm




Pharmaceutical transport tote boxes

Ideal for transporting bulk pharmaceuticals.

  • 70l
  • Fixed hinged or drop-on lids.
  • Manufactured from ‘super tough’ Polypropylene for strength and endurance.
  • Stack when full, nest when empty for cost effective transportation .
  • Enabled for robotic palletising.
  • Bespoke alterations and detailing available.
  • Available in colours of your choice to RAL and PANTONE charts.
  • Available with or without address label holder.
  • Easily sealed with purpose made Toteseals / Gemini Seals or standard pull tight seals.