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Drain Seals: Inspection Cover Security

Manhole and Drain Security Seals are designed for exterior inspection cover. on manholes, drains, water and utility networks. Learn a little more about why these seals are perfect for police forces and regulatory bodies.
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Clinical Waste

Clinical Waste Regulation: Safeguarding UK Healthcare

In the United Kingdom, stringent regulations govern the management and disposal of clinical waste to mitigate these risks effectively. Understanding these regulations is vital for healthcare facilities, waste management companies, and regulatory bodies to ensure compliance and safeguard public health and the environment.
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Security Seals

A Complete Guide to Security Seals

If you need to fully understand the scope and purpose of tamper-evident security seals, this guide will provide everything you need to know to implement these security measures as part of your secure framework.
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Security Seals for trucks, trailers and intermodal transport

One of the main uses of tamper-evident seals is for securing trucks and trailers for the transport of goods either by road alone or for intermodal transport (combination of land, air or sea). Security seals for trucks must comply in all cases with the applicable regulations in order to facilitate the transfer of goods in domestic and international territories.
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high security container seals for international transport

Container Seals: Benefits, usage and application

If you want to prevent tampering or theft on valuable cargo, then a container seal is a cost-effective, simple and proven option for your business to incorporate into your supply chain. Container seals keep goods-in-transit safe and secure whilst also providing a visual indicator for attempting tampering or unauthorised removal.
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Cargo Theft and Fraud Report: 2023 update

Cargo theft tactics are evolving. From food and beverages to high-end electronics, cargo thieves continue to target commodities that can be sold easily on the black market. Opportunistic thieves can make almost all goods fair game. Knowing emerging tactics can help businesses recognize their vulnerabilities and prevent potential cargo theft.
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6 Benefits of Tamper Evident Security Tape

More and more companies are using tamper-evident security tape to seal boxes as a visual indicator of unauthorised access. In this blog, we provide 10 reasons why you should be using tamper-evident security tape to secure your cargo crates, pallets, cartons and boxes.
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meter seals applied to electricity meter

What are meter seals and why are they used?

Meter seals are a security solution which is designed to prevent unauthorized access to water, gas and electricity meters. Energy and utility companies apply meter seals to prevent unauthorised extraction or tampering with meters.
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Plastic Seals

What are plastic seals and why do they work?

Plastic seals are a versatile security seal that provide a tamper-evident solution for theft and interference. They are used across almost every major industry and for a variety of applications such as transport and logistics, emergency exits, fire extinguishers, medicine cabinets and utility meters. The effectiveness of their application may seem imprecise to the inexperienced eye but in this blog, we will highlight when it is optimal to use this seal type and where they may benefit your supply chain.
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