Twist Meter Seal
Twister Meter Seal
Electricity Meter Seal

Meter Seal – 300mm

The Twister Meter Seal is an easily applied seal for all types of meters. A clear body houses a colour insert with a one way rotating locking mechanism. Once sealed, the locking mechanism is completely encased, meaning tampering is extremely difficult – any tamper attempts are clear from viewing the locking insert through the transparent body. This seal is primarily used for gas meters, fuel meters, electric meters, taxi meters, telephone meter sealing and industrial valves.

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Product description


The TWISTER meter seal has an internal ratchet system which allows the insert to turn in only one direction. Wire is 200mm as stock but other bespoke sizes are available.


Tamper Resistant and Environmentally safe. The Body and Insert are made in PET and Polystyrene for long term durability and maximum weather resistance. No tools required for installation.

Seal Procedure

No tools necessary, simply pass sealing wire through two holes in plastic body and pull through until tightly secured. Cut the excess wire for extra security.

Custom Print

TWISTER meter seals are laser printed with company name and sequential numbering.


These seals are available in multiple colours including blue, red, yellow, green.

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Wire Size




Seal Size

25mm x 23mm

Breaking Strength



Aerospace, Utilities, Logistics.