Luggage Seals


  • Our Luggage Seals designs are now being used by airport security.
  • One piece plastic construction requiring no application or removal tools.
  • Essential equipment for the International traveller especially for the USA.
  • Use these seals instead of locks that might be cut off if security needs to inspect your zippered luggage after it is checked in.
  • Each seal uniquely numbered for added security.
  • Lets you know instantly if someone has opened your bag.
  • Great for allowing airport security inexpensive access while discouraging tampering by others.
  • Packaged twenty to a bag.

Use these seals in place of standard suitcase locks and Customs authorities will cut or break them off if they need to.

Your luggage will not be damaged but you will know immediately that your cases have been opened.

These seals are unlikely to prevent a determined thief from stealing from your bags, but the opportunist thief will be deterred because the seals cannot be replaced without showing evidence of tampering.