Accutrak Hubodometers

Accu-Trak HubodometersAccutrak Hubodometers are now available exclusively in the UK from J W Products, calibrated in miles or kilometres for all tyre and axle makes and sizes. Ideally suited to Bus and Coach, Truck or Trailer applications Accutrak Hubodometers are manufactured to the very highest standards in the US and offer accurate and reliable mileage recording.

  • Durable Steel construction
  • Engineered thermoplastic lens moulded from UV resistant Polycarbonate
  • Assembled unit is Airtight, Waterproof and Tamperproof
  • Fully mechanical device – no calibration needed
  • Each unit individually serial numbered and date coded for ease of installation and service tracking
  • Operating range of -40°C to 93°C

The Accutrak Hubodometer range comes with a 3 year unlimited distance warranty.


Select the correct Hubodometer for your vehicle:

Kilometres Miles
Tyre Size Accu-Trak Hubodometer Tyre Size Accu-Trak Hubodometer
385/65/22.5 AT294K 275/70R/22.5 AT532M
295/80/22.5 AT308K 245/70/19.5 AT612M
275/70/22.5 AT336K 11R/22.5 AT500M
265/70/19.5 AT364K 265/70/19.5 AT589M
245/70R/19.5 AT378K 215/75/17.5 AT651M
235/70/17.5 AT414K
225/75/16 AT432K

Please contact us directly for Tyre sizes not listed above.