Seal Customisation

As a UK seal printer, we understand that seal customisation is a necessity for many of our customers. Our custom printing allows our customers to have bespoke numbering, text and logos on their seal tags.

Plain Seals

Many of our customers opt to use a label system for their seals and therefore we also provide unprinted security seals as a cheaper alternative. During the customisation process, after you have selected your required quantity, simply select ‘plain seals’ as the seal type that you wish to proceed with.

Stock Numbered Seals

Our seals are available with stock sequential numbering as standard. During the online seal customisation process, you can also request a specific number range for your seals to continue on from your last set of sequentially numbered seals.

Custom Printed Seals

Our state of the art technology allows for the print of logos and images onto seals. We can also print both barcodes and QR codes onto seals if required. This allows for much more information to be printed onto a seal than with traditional text. It also means recording serial numbers along a seal’s journey is much easier, and less time consuming.