Barrier Seals

Cable Seals

Alulock Cable Seal


  • Strong metal construction.
  • Steel cable with rust proof aluminium body.
  • Cable Seal is available in a wide range of colours.
  • Cable Seals can be supplied with laser marking of company name/logo and sequential numbering.
  • Cable Seals are C-TPAT compliant and conform to ISO 17712 (3.5mm & 5mm)
  • Seals meet UK & US Customs and Border Protection requirements.

Available with 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm or 5mm cables, the Alulock Cable Seal is the ideal barrier seal for transportation security applications. Simple to apply, just pull the cable through and tighten to minimise the loop for an extremely strong and secure tamper proof seal.


‘Fastgrip’ Cable Seals

flex1502 (1)

  • Patented extra strong steel gripping mechanism.
  • High quality stainless steel wire.
  • Hi Tech plastic bodies can be bar-coded.
  • Security numbers remain secure inside plastic body.
  • Fastgrip cable seals are available in a range of 5 wire sizes from 1mm x 5mm.
  • Varying cable lengths available.

These cable seals are available with varying cable diameters to accomodate all applications. They are virtually impossible to replicate and are extremely’Tamper Evident’.Company identification and security numbers remain secure inside the high tech plastic case which is then ultrasonically welded for ‘Total Security’.


High Security Bolt Seals

Unolock2/Unolock3 – C-TPAT / ISO 17712 compliant Bolt Seals

  • unolockHigh Security Barrier Seals
  • Outer transparent barrel cover is made of PC
  • All locking material components are zinc coated
  • Non Spin
  • Reduced losses by providing high levels of security
  • Durable and tough
  • Protect against environment attack
  • To counter tampering with drill spinning

UnoLock is an ISO 17712 compliant High security bolt seal with seal print and numbers encapsulated by a polycarbonate plastic cover. The barrel and pin coating is made of hard and durable plastic to reveal evidence of tampering attempts.


Neptuneseal – Latest ISO 17712:2010 Approved Bolt Seal


  • Compliant with ISO 17712:2010 HSS ( High Security Seal)
  • ISO/PAS 17025 Lab Approved
  • Innovative design characterised by two metal tabs attached to the Bolt which slot into the ‘female’ part of the seal.
  • This amendment to the traditional Bolt Seal design, requested by the new ISO norms, means it is no longer possible to tamper with the seal by spinning it at high speed.
  • Laser printed with sequential numbering on body and Bolt shaft.
  • Bar code, Data Matrix & RFID options available to order.

Neptuneseal is the very latest ISO17712 design of High Security Bolt Seal. Ideally suited to securing import/export goods worldwide.



The Universeal ‘Locktainer’ series – a real quantum leap in Cargo Security

  • All identity markings and numbers are displayed INSIDE the seal body, and thus cannot be altered.
  • Designed by leading cargo security professionals.
  • Steel locking mechanism, pulling resistance over 1.5 metric tonnes.
  • Unique traceability of each manufactured unit.
  • Accepted by UK Customs Group 1 & US Customs.
  • Seal can be bar-coded
  • Locktainer Bolt Seals are C-TPAT compliant and conform to ISO 17712.

The choice of the world’s foremost shipping and manufacturing companies, exclusively specified for use through EUROTUNNEL. The Locktainer’s security features resist illegal Manipulation, Substitution and Replication. EVERYTHING A REAL SECURITY SEAL SHOULD BE!!!



The Forkseal – a robust seal designed for Container doors

  • The Forkseal can only be removed by cutting the Fork Bar.
  • The sequence of holes in the Fork bar ensure the seal can fit any situation.
  • Security numbers are replicated on both the Pin and the Fork Bar.
  • The seal Pin and barrel are Carbonitrated, making them impossible to cut.


The ‘Navalock’ – A revolutionary High Security locking and anti-theft system for truck and container doors



  • Breaking load of over 5 tons as certified by the American Bureau of Shipping Classification Society (07.10.94).
  • Resists cutting by double lever shears, breaking by hammer, crowbar or other crude tools.
  • East to fit, no special skills or tools required.
  • Simple robust design fits most standard type containers.

If you are shipping or storing freight containers in high risk zones, you cannot afford NOT to fit Navalock.