Tamper Evident Security Seals Supplier to the UK and Worldwide

Do you require tamper evident security seals for the secure transportation of goods by land, sea or air? JW Products can provide you with the ideal solutions to your requirements. Our products range from simple nylon bag ties to high specification cargo and vehicle seals.

Each product acts as a deterrent or can provide an indication of tampering whilst helping to protect the contents of the sealed containers or totes. We supply security seals, security tapes, security labels and security bags and pouches which are suitable for a wide range of cargoes from Hospital clinical waste to high value products and materials.

Our products are used throughout the UK and the World by leading cargo, freight and shipping organisations. Our products are also accepted by EU, UK, US and Taiwan customs. The locktainer bolt security seals are the only high tamper evident seals that are accepted for transit in the Channel Tunnel.

If you cannot see the security seals you require then please email us with your enquiry and provide us with as much information as possible regarding the application and quantities required for a speedy response.

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